• Here we are, in your safe heaven that currently only me and you are working in. I'm all ears to your reboot.

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    • As you said Tatum is best choice. Her motive would be jealousy. As for other killer, it should be someone who is never killer in movies but not Sidney, Gale nor Dewey nor Randy of course. I also want more deaths. But I don't want any rapist to be killers. If someone is rapist the killers kills him. I also don't want have any people killed if they are under 16 years old. And I don't want any political theme, unlike S3 did.

      Can you write me about Percy, Please? Here in message.

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    • I only know that Tatum would kill Steve and Casey for now.

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    • The "no politics, no Beth, no Luther, rapists are asshole victims, only 17 and up can die" rule is easy. Don't worry about that too much.

      1. The brainwashed Percy met Evelynn in enigmatic circumstances and both shared their plans with each other (Precy's plan was actually the real Redface's plan). Evelynn knew nothing about the real Redface. The circumstances of their first meeting are foggy by purpose. It's for the readers to theorize. The reason Evelynn wanted to send Heraldo to kill Percy for her is simple. It would be easier to frame someone else with blood on his hands than to do it herself and pin it on a civilian. She knew Percy was intelligent even after being brainwashed, and therefore chose Heraldo as her well-chosen fall guy. I recall you said that Heraldo could be a great killer. If it makes you feel better, I might use someone similar in FIDH franchise. What do you say?

      2. The best kind of jealousy I can think about in Blondeface's scenario is shown in "Friends I Don't Have - The Wake". If you want another motive for her, you can write a version where Stu really did have a thing for Sid, which will make Tatum extremely jealous.

      3. I can see Tatum killing Casey, Steve, Himbry and Billy. Maybe Stu as well. But who do you see as her partner? If not Stu, then it's either Hank or a new character which was invented specially for the story.

      4. Are you planning on write someone like Scott Riley, or do you prefer someone else for your version of "Scream 2"?

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    • I will give you answer asap. There are a few edits I need to do. :-)

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    • I'm ready. What do you want to know about "Fifth Symphony"? And do you have a comment about the former topics in regard to your own idea for a reboot?

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    • First, could there be at least 3 Ghostface killers with different color mask but one would be not accomplice and mystery for future seasons if you plan some?

      I only decided that Tatum would kill Steve and Casey for now but Stu may be involved in Himbry's death?

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    • 1. For now i'll keep the multiple color masks for "Scream Noir". Spoiler alert: In "Scream Noir 3", one of the killers will be Orangeface. Is it similar to what you have in mind?

      2. There's the possibility that the second "Fifth Symphony" killer won't be Audrey's accomplice. 2 solo killers. Which killer do you have in mind for this role? Maybe Troy?

      3. Make sense, because a tiny girl like Tatum will need her boyfriend to put Himbry on the flagpole/roof. If we assume she'll kill her partner, would your version kill him in a similar manner to "Friends I Don't Have", or something less outright brutal?

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    • 1. Yes.

      2. Noah contacted Troy multiple times. Troy may be mastermind who is only revealed in S3.

      3. I would have Sid to kill him. Debbie betrayed Mickey, Jill betrayed Charlie and Beth betrayed Jamal.

      4. Our friend Sam recently saud he wanted Jamal betray Beth. I got idea, if Jay would gave Deion loaded gun and he would kill Beth in her costume, his revenge would be done and he would never get caught. I like this option. What do you think? :-)

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    • Speaking of original Audrey and Piper if you looks at killing:

      • Tyler and Nina - That were kills for Audrey's need. Plus Tyler was set up as killer until 1x04.
      • Rachel - To make Emma think Rachel committed suicide because she didn't stop Nina from filming them. It helped Audrey that she got sympathy from Emma, who left her for new friends. Both wanted to see Emma suffer.
      • Riley - Noah would have a less time for Audrey by having girlfriend. Plus they deliberatly give her choose between Brooke and Riley. Emma thought Riley is safe so she wrote not to hurt Brooke. They would kill Riley anyway. They wanted Emma suffer and blame herself like with Rachel.
      • Will - Audrey didn't liked him plus by eliminating Emma's friends she could be there for her and get her back. It was also to watch Emma suffer just like previous two kills.
      • Deputy Roberts - Step to frame Branson.
      • Sheriff Clark Hudson - This was only kill solely for Piper's needs. To watch Maggie (Daisy) suffer.
      • Grayson - To get out people out of party, plus he called Audrey a bitch.

      Piper eventually took the blame for entire 2015 Lakewood Murders.

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    • 1. You're suggesting that Troy will kill the asylum manager as a tribute to Audrey and encouraging her homicidal tendencies? Interesting. Audrey will try to avenge her only friend, and Troy will avenge his dead soldier. The question is: What would be Noah's motive?

      2. Like the canon showdown. I would drop the rape attempt though. If you still want to keep the "i always had a thing for you, Sid!", the best way to do so would write Stu as wanting both Sidney and Tatum, and dating with the latter because Sidney saw him the way kirby saw Charlie.

      3. Good idea. However, in "Friends I Dont Have 6", Beth would be an asshole victim. Jamal would do wonders at shooting her and try to frame her. Another question is how do you see Amir/Geekface 2.0. Do you prefer him being loyal to Jamal, or as a backstabber?

      4. Here's the pre-"Fifth Symphony" killing chart:

      Piper: 8 people (Rachel, Riley, Will, Dephuty Roberts, Clark, Noah, Emma and Maggie). 

      Audrey: 4 people (Tyler, Nina, Grayson and an undecided 4th victim). Maybe Kieran too.

      Troy (possibly): Brandon and the asylum manager.

      It's also important to say that unlike the canon Piper, "Fifth Symphony" Piper will really care for Blue.

      Sounds like a good pre-story killing chart?

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    • I will wite my season 4 (anthology) but use same cast. Can you Please help me a give name to town? Like was "Lakewood", I want it end with "wood". For example "Clearwood". Please write more so I can choose.

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    • Already set up. Rosewood. And Rosewood Slasher wore same costume like Lakewood Slasher but his Brandon James mask is red and glowing in dark.

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    • Just saw your message. Rosewood is a great name :-). I also like the red and glowing in the dark mask. Kinda similar Greenface's costume. Is this intentional?

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    • Also, you might want to change Willa Fitzgerald's casting. Chances are she used her romantic relationship with one of the writers for her personal gain. Care to cast someone else for Jill (Denver can be a great last name for her) Denver's role? Mila Kunis can work. If you want a blonde actress for the job, Emily Kinney will be great.

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    • Thanks. :-) Yes. I neded to change mask for Rosewood Slasher and decided to make it red. Then I occured that Evelynn' s green mask was glowing in dark. :-)

      Sure, I can use that surname. I checked her though she doesn't attract me. What about Emma Bell (Final Destination 5) or Lili Reinhart (Riverdale)?

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    • Lili is a good choice. Which leads to the final girl's possible background story:

      Jill Denver began her career as a survivor at the age of 16, when two masked people breaked into her house and killed her mother. Jill killed one of the killers, but the other one escaped and planned his revenge, and her mother won't return. As someone who's played by a "Rivendale" actress, Jill will bond with Noah over theories about the second killer's whereabouts.

      Sounds good?

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    • I will add image once I will be on computer.

      I wanted different motive for killer. That is very different than Scream. I wanted use original S1 as concept, that is why I has Willa as main character. Also Willa definitely didn't influenced any writer to be casted.

      Why do you hate Emma so much? Is that Emma or Willa you don't like?

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    • Emma was great character in S1.

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    • 1. By different motive, you mean something not related to revenge?

      2. Hate is a strong word. Sure Willa didnt use her charm for changing the writers' mind? She have some right to do it, as long as both sides gives their concent, but i still don't like it. It's the best explanation i could find for why the writers retconned Audrey so badly, and insisted on keeping Emma as the protagonist. Emma is a second-rate Sidney rip-off, and Willa didnt deliver her role very well. Emmma could've been written much better, and another actress might've done a better job.

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    • 1. I meant the suggestion (while interesting) would be different than Scream.

      2. S2 writers had different mind and Audrey was favorite. That has nothing to do with Willa. S1 was perfect.

      I released some character descriptions.

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    • 1. Oh. I'm thinking about possible backgrounds at this very moment. Does the fact Will, Noah and Jake are played by the exact same actors means that all of them will be just like the canon versions?

      2. S1 was indeed perfect. At least what Jill B was trying to do. I like Audrey too, but I don't think that retconning the redeemed killer into a hero from the get go just because the good people liked her character is a good idea. There's no reason to waste a good character just for changing it to another one.

      3. Bridget can be a great red herring. People who know you will assume that Bridget is the killer. Also, will there be one killer, or two, which one of them have a record of murders even before the story took place?

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    • 1. Somewhat yes. They were great. Grayson will also be jerk as he was.

      3. One killer.

      4. Some scenes will be similar but of course there will be differences.

      5. Any killer predictions? And possible motives. I can't confirm nor refute anything of course right now.

      6. Where Manny didn't like Beth's shoes? The reason she killed him was different.

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    • 1. As far as I know you, Grayson will be a red herring. Like Bridget, but far less intelligent. And if I had to guess who's the killer, I have several theories:

      • Angelina Carter is a former final girl who joined Rosewood high as part of her secret relationship with Branson. What Brandon doesn't know is that Angelina is planning on framing him. Her motive is wacky - Jill reminds her of the killer from her own killing spree, and therefore wants to kill Jill because her sick ideas are easier than therapy.
      • Connor Hamilton is an adult and rather handsome serial killer who poses as a high school boy for killing easy targets in plain sight. If he's the killer, he'll be one of those killers who doesn't have a proper Freudian excuse. He's likely to be a younger Ted Bundy.
      • Jake Fitzgerald was a cruel man in the canon, and he'll be even worse in this version. Since he's a soft version of Stupidface, he killed Willa for the same reasons the canon Stupidface killed Casey. After killing Willa and Tyler, Jake will decide he likes it, and keep on killing for kicks.
      • Elizabeth Krishna and Christine Cohen seems a little off. They must be hiding something.
      • Noah Foster isn't likely to be a killer, but it would be hilarious to see a more fortunate Randy lookalike as a killer.

      2. There's the scene where Beth's heel was broken, and Manny talked poorly over her shoes. She told him to go fudge himself, and when she said "i'll be right behind you", that was the first hint she wanted him dead. She didn't really care about his anger issues.

      3. Did you talk about it with Sacksam? If so, what are his theories about your fanfic?

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    • 2. I will check to see it but I doubt it was her reason. She definitely killed him for his anger issues. She killed hypocrites. She hated them. Jay only killed Avery aside from his intended targets and attacking Officer Reynolds. Beth also killed Westbrook because he offered to help that woman in hospital and when she wasn't looking he stole that pills. That's why Beth killed him.

      3. I think I mentioned it before but I didn't see any thoughts.

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    • 1. If Beth hates hypocrites, then she hates herself. People like her doesnt care.

      2. I recall you said you like my Connor Hamilton theory. How far did you get with your fanfic?

      3. Recently i decided to write a short original story (1500-5000 words) for a writing contest. I have several ideas. The main one is "Police Legend", where fairytale characters live their lives as mundane people. Specifically, Mulan (Molly Chong) is a cop. In part 1, she works with Quasimodo (Quazi Tortorella) for proving Cinderella (Cindi Tremaine) is a killer. Before part 1, in her origin story, Molly had to bring the napalm on Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum's mafia. Molly and the Tweedle, especially Dum, costed each other dearly. Molly lost her former partner (not Quazi. It was at least 2 years before she and Quazi became partners) and some other cops, and Dun lost many of his organization before Molly killed him with his own knife. Now, here's the complicated part:

      • Should i write a short version of part 1, or should i choose the prequel?
      • From what you know about fairytales, which character (other than Quazi) will make the most sense as Molly's partner?
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    • 1. Haha. Exactly my thinking. She should kill herself because she was killer and was acting like she is scared of Ghostface.

      2. Yeah. Not much yet.

      3. Can you write both short suggestion? So I can decide what sounds better. :-)

      4. BTW: Audrey certainly didn't killed Grayson. Piper Shaw 100 percent killed Will, Sheriff and Grayson. And Deputy Roberts.

      Audrey may kill Tyler and Nina but we don't know. But one thing is sure (from original showrunners), Piper only fully hated Maggie. She was conflicted over if she liked Emma or hate her. Both Jill and Amelia said that. And Jill also said that Will wouldn't die if Emma didn't help Audrey out by lying. Piper may only kill Sheriff and Maggie if it wasn't for Audrey.

      Audrey wanted Emma suffer more than Piper did. It was only after Emma confessed to Audrey that she was with Nina when she filmed them, that Emma got the call from Lakewood Slasher. Maggie already got the message from Piper (the heart) before Emma went to party. I know people look at it from S2 view but I think it is best to look at S1 from Jill's vision because she created that first season and Kieran doesn't work as Piper's accomplice in any way.

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    • 1. We can say in confident that the killer of 5cream will be a better character than Beth, regardless of motive and malicousness level. I wonder if he/she will be similar to Piper, but not as a ripoff. Which is the best theory about 5cream that you happen to hear so far?

      2. You mean, writing short paragraphs for summarize part 1 and the prequel?

      3. The question about Molly's possible partner for the prequel is an open question. Feel free to help out with a possible partner when you feel comfortable.

      4. You're saying the original Audrey corrupted Piper? That's interesting. I thought it was the other way around. It does make some sense that Audrey's animosity toward Emma was stronger than Piper's, but wouldn't it make it impossible for Audrey to becoming Emma's genuine friend? I mean, if you were desparate enough to work with a psychopath, and you and the said psychopath had a common enemy which you hate more than your partner does, it would be weird if you became truly friends with your subject of hate.

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    • 1. Yeah, I'm excited. Can't wait to see it once made!

      2 and 3. Yeah.

      4. Yes in terms of Emma's suffering. Not for Maggie though. Piper would only target her half mother originally. At least Emma's friends wouldn't die if it hasn't been for Audrey. Audrey certainly wanted Emma suffer for how she had new friends and she even didn't stop Nina from making the video. Piper is psychopath but Billy Loomis is also psychopath and he wouldn't hurt his family. Piper (originally) only truly hated Maggie. She would never hurt her other half of family. In fact she was associated with someone from them. Maybe Troy. Also Cassie was working with her. The reason behind Emma is a lot of Audrey's influence (in Jill's vision).

      5. I added additional detail on Roman's page on your Underrated Wiki characters.

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    • BTW: I have a new real life enemy. The first we talked about is Harvey Weinstein (similar to John Milton from Scream 3), the new one's name is "Derek Chauvin ". Did you hear of him?

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    • 1. Like every horror fan since forever :-). The question was which is the best theory about the movie you heard so far. My personal theory is that Dewey and Gale will die. Sidney can die too.

      2. I saw your adding to Roman's page on my wiki. Thanks :-). Now, here's the shortest summaries possible for the prequel and part 1. Both are based on fairytale characters:

      • In the prequel, Molly (played by Hayley Orrantia/an asian actress) is an underappreciated cop who struggles with the death of her last 2 partners, her direct commander who blames her at the death of 2 cops (he claims he's benevolent about it, saying "be grateful to Hans Christian Andersen that i'm acusing you about just 2 cops. You costed us more cops than my fingers, and that's even without mentioning what Tweedle Dum did to me because of you"), and the Tweedle twins (Wayne Knight in a double role) above all. Her 3rd partner will be either a one of a kind person or a problematic case. Dee and Dum really care about each other, and that's the end of the line when it comes to redeeming qualities. Dee is a psychopath who combines comedic moments and shouting while holding a knife. His comedic moments only makes him scarier. Yet he's the good twin. Dum is the kind of person that even the income tax enforcers doesnt go anywhere near his turf at night. I have several ideas for Molly's new partner in the prequel. I'm just looking for more advices.
      • In part 1, Molly fixed her reputation after killing Tweedle Dum and dissolving the Tweedle mafia. Her new partner is Quazi (played by Ed Sheeran), who's her best partner so far, and the first one who doesnt die nor betraying her. If anything, he might outlive Molly in case things will go wrong in meta-level. Now, their new mission is to prove that Cindi Tremaine (played by Emma Roberts/Hayden Panettiere/Carlson Young) isn't the final girl like her fairytale say. Turns out Cindi killed her mother and two sisters, and even made a buck out of it by writing her famous novel "Cinderella Story". She came up with a new killing spree in order to frame Molly, and once again keeping her status as a celebrity. Overall, Cindi is the first out 3 confirmed killers to be pure evil. Tweedle Dee is still looking for Molly for avenging his brother, and even willing to join Cindi for doing that. Neither Dee nor Cindi will be loyal to each other.

      3. Cauvin does sounds horrible. The page states he's a racist. But maybe he wasn't? Maybe he was a shithead for reasons unrelated to race. Just a sadistic and crummy person. If not being murdered in jail, he should at least be executed by an electric chair.

      4. I'm not the kind of guy who'll kill people just to make someone suffer, but the original Emma was a crummy person on that aspect. When we discuss Piper and Billy's scale of personality disorder, it's important to say that there are different levels of psychopathy. That's why one psychopath (in this case, Piper) will do things that some others (in this case, Billy) won't. There's something i'm not sure about in Cassie's case though: She's supposed to be Piper's grandmother, right? I didnt recall she was willing to work with a killer, even if the killer had solid reasons. With that said, i still think Piper was worse than Audrey even in the original. 

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    • 1. I hope they will all survive. That is not Scream route to kill even main protagonist. As I said it it not Final Destination. I'm not saying it would be impossible. I don't know what will happen but I doubt Sidney will die. But who knows. I once found screenplay for Scream 4 (very rare to found) and Sidney died in that one and Jill was sucessful.

      2. I will answer later.

      3. There is not capital punishment in Minnesota. He was charged with third degree murder at first (which is 25 years  in prison) and then it was luckily changed to second degree which is (40 years). I do hope that inmates will teach him lesson, yeah.

      4. Jill said Piper told her who she was and what he need from her. That's the angle of view. Neither of them originally was pure evil.

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    • Also given Cauvin was cop he will have hard times in jail. He does deserve that.

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    • I added another favorite villainess played by Amelia Rose Blaire. I can fully relate undertand her even more than any kiler because the murder she committed was not premidiated but in affect and also caused by pills she used to study. She played at least 4 villainess.

      • The Protector (2011 TV Series) Season 1, Episode 6: Beef - Bridget Wilson
      • Perception TNT (2012 TV Series) Season 1, Episode 8: Killimanjaro - Annie
      • The Mentalist (2014 TV Series) Season 7, Episode 4: Black Market - Bibby Fortensky
      • Scream MTV (2015 TV Series) - Piper Shaw (Needless to mention but I complile list of those I know).
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    • 1+3. Good thing Craven scrapped it in time. Jill would've been murdered in jail, like Chauvin would. If we take in count the fact Chauvin is what Kieran always wanted to be (a killer cop and all), we can deduce that Chauvin is being stalked by a psychopath at this very moment. Do you picture Chauvin's future killer as similar to 3K, or more like someone we didn't think about?

      2. Until you'll find the right words, i would like to hear more about Annie. She sounds very tragic. Was her respective hero sympathetic too?

      4. As said before, my version of Piper will be closer to what Jill B had in mind. After succeeding at killing Maggie and Emma, she'll ditch Audrey and later become Lucas's girlfriend. A caring girlfriend. For the sake of the discussion, let's think about a season 2 where Piper succeeded. Do you see the hypothetical Piper becoming the final guy's love interest and actually care about him? 

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    • PS: Maybe you're familiar with "House Of Cards". I have some theories that connect HOC and "Scream". Hope you and Craven will like it:

      • LeAnn Harvey is actually Sidney. After surviving 4 different killing sprees, Sidney decided it will be easier to be a political figure, and reinvented herself as Mrs Harvery. She figured out that Frank Underwood will be easier than the cruel people she used to deal with, but unfortunately, Underwood turned out to be Powerface. The only successful ghostface. If Sidney will return in 5cream, it means she wasn't really killed in the staged accident. She was critically injured, but once again survived and layed low. With someone like Powerface putting his eyes on you, playing dead might save your life.
      • Powerface is Jill's biological father. He's old enough, cruel enough and would've make her proud if she knew him. Jill wanted to kill Sidney, being famous and go to politics. Underwood achieved all three. His defining trait is being a Jill, including supporting things he doesnt believe just for gaining more power and fame, and most importantly, being willing and able to kill people who love him without blinking. Like father like daughter. It's also true in meta-level, because Emma Roberts' father (Eric Roberts) is an elite soldier in playing villains, similarily to Kevin Spacey.
      • One of the killers in 5cream will be a Doug Stamper's spitting image. Given he's a psychopath who killed someone far worse, chances are he'll be sympathetic, and very possibly redeem himself. If not a killer, he can be a civilian accomplice. Someone who technically didn't kill anyone, but knew who the killer was. Stamper is a great villain, and his lookalike in 5cream should be this good as well. I wonder if the canon Stamper was like the canon Audrey, or just a bad person who did something good for selfish reasons.
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    • Interesting. It would be actually great if one of killers would be reedemed given Audrey was retconned.

      I'm not sure what Chauvin would have in common with Kieran (so far) other than they were both arrested. But the part with 3K is possible.

      Stamper is worse than original Audrey.

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    • 1. Chauvin and Kieran are similar because one is a psychopath in blue uniforms and the other would've likely become a cop if he survived. However, i believe Chauvin is worse, because at least Kieran worshiped someone else, while Chauvin just worships himself.

      2. What are the odds that the possible redeemed killer in 5cream will be what Jill B wanted Audrey to be? I mean, not something like Jamal. Given you see him as a bad man, he's probably not what you have in mind.

      3. George "The Reaper" Foyet's PE proposal is out and running:

      20 or so victims and killing people for being famous as a serial killer who didn't get caught is bad enough to be pure evil, but what bugs me the most about him is that he killed his own mother because she could not protect him from his abusing father. Exceptions aside, weakness is supposed to invoke empathy, not contempt.

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    • Topic 3 isn't relevant anymore due to being confirmed as pure evil, so if you please, i'll move on the next one: A hispanic actress named Melissa Barrera is confirmed to be one of the cast. I begin to develop several theories about her. A friend of mine consider the possibility that the good people will write more than one female killer, maybe twins. I like his theory, because it means they might recreate season 1 as Jill B intended. I know Jamal can be argued as a male Audrey, but this time we might a real tragic psychopath like Piper was supposed to be before the retcon. The original Audrey changed sides after Piper killed someone she loved (Rachel). I wonder what motive does the new Audrey might have.

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    • I apologize for late answer. Did you meant they're similar because Kieran was offered by Miguel place at the station?

      There is still one difference. Chauvin was always dick, asshole and racist who used violent methods to anyone. Kieran (unmasked ecxept for reveal) presented himself to be good person.

      Yeah I saw. I can't wait. No. Rachel was not reason. She wanted to eliminate all Emma's friends. Piper had mainly personal hated towards Maggie (which is why Sheriff died). Part of her liked Emma (that is not my feeling but the fact confirmed by Jill and Amelia. I remeber we once spoke if Roman had deep inside love for Sidney. But Piper woudn't probably went after Emma if it wasn't for Audrey). Audrey's part is not that simple. The circumstances of Rachel's death are still unclear. Bex said that it was not okay by Audrey (but that may be her feeling). After all it is Jill Blotevogel whose word matter. The cast weren't told much. She definitely was striken by Rachel's death but it was definitely not reason why she turned tables on Piper at the dock. She gained Emma back and people she hated were gone. Brooke and Emma both changed and that is the main reason she shot Piper. The other option is she planned to gain Emma from the start but either way, Rachel was not reason Audrey betrayed Piper.

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    • 1. I meant that both have what it takes to be a crooked cop. Also, Chauvin isn't racist. He's just the common sadist. George Floyd could've been anyone. He just happened to black. While i agree that racism is off limit, the issue with Chauvin is the ease that psychopaths become cops these days.

      2. It's still a logical reason to turn on one's partner, but good point. The logical explanation is that she changed her mind after becoming friends with Emma and Brooke, and therefore came to see Piper as too zealot for her standard. I wonder if Emma realized that becoming friends with Audrey saved her and Maggie's life.

      3. I know it doesnt make any sense, but wouldn't it be awesome if 3K will be revealed in 5cream in some way?

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    • 2. Indeed it is. I'm just saying that it was not Audrey's reason. If she would then she would also realize that Audrey was either killer or directing another one to kill her friends. Who knows, maybe. Jill said that one of biggest scenes (if) would be "as soon as Emma realize that if she wouldn't get Audrey out of jail, Will wouldn't be kidnapped and killed".

      3. I would love to know but sadly I doubt it. I can't believe that they just at least didn't make any interview. Either way I know you like Kevin option but the new Lakewood Slasher is likely Troy or Branson James. It doesn't make sense for it to be Kevin or anyone who want avenge one of Kieran's victims. The note one tree at the end of 2x12 clearly implies it is someone who know about Maggie and Miguel helping Brandon and burying the knife. Only choices are Brandon or Troy. Maybe someone of James family took care of him after his supposed death in 1994. 

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    • 1. I've just got an idea about the chemistry between the hypothetic Hispanic killer (Isabel Espinoza) and the Hispanic final girl (Eden Perez). Izabel can be a drug dealer who killed a child just to frame her half-sister Eden. Years later, Eden will return to her hometown, only to be hated for what her Michael Meyers of a sister had done to her. What do you say?

      2. I know your opinion about Jamal, but do you consider the option that he was partly based on what Audrey should've been (sympathetic to an extent, tragic background and such)?

      3. If not Kevin (i still think it's him for reasons i've mentioned before), it's more likely to be Troy than Branson. Realistically speaking, Brandon have no reason to waste so much energy only because a certain killer is a disgrace to his legacy.

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    • I will save the best for last.

      2. No, Jamal was already gangster. Audrey was a emotional person, who was bullied for years. She and Emma know each other longer than anyone. Then at high school, Emma found friends among those popular (Nina, Tyler, Jake, Will, Brooke and Riley). The many of them especially Nina bullied Audrey. That is one of reasons why Audrey had a picture of Brandon James. She was emphatic and knew what he had to feel like, anger, rejected etc.)

      3. You mean from S2 writers view? It wouldn't make sense because whoever killed Kieran, knows things Kevin wouldn't know. Besides Piper knew things that even originally Audrey wouldn't find out herself. There was third person (someone who knows everything about 1994 halloween night). Troy is probably most logical. Although if that is him, he is helping Brandon.

      1. While I had no theory for reboot S3, we now got info about 2 new female cast members. I feel one of killers is definitely one of those two.

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    • 1. I recall i found a video about it. They talked about a blonde girl. I didn't listen and watch it too deeply though. Is it the blonde girl who you refer to as your main bet for the killer?

      2. Since he was a sociopath rather than a psychopath, Jamal had human emotions and an extent of empathy too. But you do have a good point about Audrey being the least troubled killer. It's still not making sense that she'll have a picture of Brandon. She didn't care about him, and chances are her sympathy for him wasn't to a degree of caring for his legacy.

      3. There's a new way to integrate S2's perspective, Troy's relations to 3K and connecting the TV and the movies. Jack Quaid is confirmed to be on 5cream, and he looks as if he could be Troy's son. Maybe he could turn out to be 3K for his own reasons. Troy's bloodline and Kevin's deep motives. Does it make sense to you, or do you see Jack as a red herring? I mean, i know it's crazy, but it's just interesting enough to work.

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    • 1. No one of the dark haired casted actresses for 5cream.

      I will get back to two above points later as I have more things to do right now but before I wanted to discuss Himbry's death. I know how it may seem but it was confirmed on offcial DVD Rom content. Bonus disc to trilogy released a long time ago. Billy and Stu are both linked to Himbry's death.

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    • 1. Most likely. Now the question is which of the Hispanic girls will be Isabel and who'll be Eden. Do you see Isabel working with Troy Junior?

      BOT+2: Oh. Like with Maureen Prescott, in a sense she was the direct victim of both Billy and Stu as well?

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    • 1. Right now, it could be either one. I suspect both of them. I also noticed that one of them is not yet 20 unlike most cast members. Usually older actors plays younger ones. I will have to make some theories on each yet. I will reply back then once I have thoughts. :-)

      2. Yes. Both Billy and Stu did that. Even is Stu hadn't personal grudge for most of victims he enjoyed killing. The alone victims were Tatum (killed by Billy) and Kenny killed by (Stu).

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    • Also, I see your point regarding Jamal. And I agree that he has more humanity than many other killers. But he is still involved with drug dealers. Audrey is not. Also I don't think that there's always a right answer. Definitely for example: Jill Roberts is worse for example. So is Roman, and Beth. But everyone may feel differently regarding the ones that are less vile. 

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    • 1. Sacksam have an interesting (albeit not likely) theory that the killers will be a lesbian couple. Isabel and Eden as a couple vs half-sisters. Is that what you have in mind, or do you refer to a situation where one of the killers is turning on the other, and the betrayed accomplice comes back to get even with the double-crosser?


      Recently i've stumbled about 2 scary theories about 5cream:

      The "Judy dated Stu" theory is interesting, but the option of Judy being Starface all along is scary because of what it will do to the meta. The only way this idea could work is if the good people will retcon her into the true mastermind of "Scre4m". Retconning a hero into a villain is a bad move. It's harder than retconning a villain into a hero (like with Audrey). Suddenly hearing Jill had a superior all along will be confusing as fudge and won't achieve anything. Just making us wonder how long did Lemonface plan on selling out both of her soldiers, and what were the good people thinking when they decided to make her a bad person. Or worse, they might render "Scream 3" as non-canon. The option where Sidney will be Queenface is both scary and stupid for the known reasons. She didn't survive 7 shitheads (or 6, if we don't count Motherface. Do you consider Motherface as a shithead?) just for giving in to PTSD. We already had PTSD killer, and he was a bad man despite not being sadistic at all. Sidney can be Queenface only in fanfics, and even that requires a gentle hand and a darn good explanation for that. And i'm yet to mention all those people who still want Stu to return in part 6. Am i the only one who's scared of these crazy options? I mean, i know it's a great franchise, and there will always be ways to fix it as long as there are good people out there, but there is so much that can go wrong. I have some more reasonable and better theories, one of them is a fanfic where Judy can be Lemonface without destroying the ver fabric of the story. But first, i would like to hear if you know about ways to keep the canon functioning even if the good people will do what i'm afraid they might do.

      3. I hear you. Like in our conversations about who's the most sympathetic killer (you say Debbie, i say Jamal). Is that what you meant, or did you mean to some more complicated debates in the franchise? 

      PS: If you look for an actress for your "Scream 1" version of Tatum, Emily Browning will be a good choice.

      She can also work as Sidney and Jill.

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    • I know you weren't active on the villains wiki for a while, but i think there's a PE proposal that will catch your interest. This Iain Vaughn guy is as bad as any Murdoch Mysteries villain, if not worse:

      Usually i try to take things in proportions and aware that most wikis are about fictional characters, but this guy makes me sad and frighten in meta-level. People like him are the main reason that the faith in the blue forces is low these days. Cope are supposed to be good people, but recently i get the feeling that psychopaths found an easy way to hurt others without being threatened by the law :-(. I know most cops are good, but there are so many bad ones.

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    • So in summary, he is rapist who frame for his heinous crimes innocent person who then comitted suicide? Yes then.

      Kieran is example of turning hero into a villain and it is bad move.

      I apologize for not responding earlier, I have now a lot of things I have to catch up with.

      When you have a time, can you Please expand Trinity and Percy here?

      Hope you're well!


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    • 1. Do the things you had to catch up are better now?

      2. It sure was. It would've make more sense if Noah was the fallen hero. The fact Piper never attacked him could be a foreshadowing. If the good people had to retcon a hero into a villain, why did they choose Kieran of all people? Noah would've been better. Not mention the already shady Jake/Haley.

      3. Update: In the last couple of days i've finished watching the first season of Genndy Tartakovsky's "Primal", and one of the villains is great for slashers. In episode 9 we get the titular Night Feeder, a prehistoric serial killer whose species and origins are shrouded in mystery. The guy is practically invisible at night and can slash redwood trees like nothing. He's one of the few characters who are pure evil (predated by the ape shaman from episode 5). He combines Stu's lack of motive other than sadism, Beth's narcissistic wish to prove herself she's the ultimate serial killer, Roman's supernatural qualities, Jill's complete psychopathy and Kieran's brutality. As you can expect, the Night Feeder doesn't have a Freudian excuse. This guy is a legit horror stuff.

      After watching the whole episode, you'll get my meaning and see i'm not hyperballing here. Night Feeder is inteed a psychopath in dinosaur's clothing. Remember the infected sauropod from "Canon Piper, not original" thread on the pure evil wiki? So the differences between the two creatures are like the differences between Motherface (the sauropod) and James Gillies (the Night Feeder). I won't exaust you with theories you can't understand, so i'll just skip to the part where a say that i think it's a heavily mutated individual. If you like to think of it in "Pirates Of The Carribeans" terms, imagine Blackbeard going through the same mutated the Flying Dutchman's crew went through. Beckett is more like the ape shaman.

      4. Update 2: 3 days ago i tried to reconcile with two nasty girls from my college time. One is Lori Berkowitch, who treated me the way the girl you told me about treated you. The other one, which i nickname Charlize Bridger, was slightly better. Slightly better in a sense she was honorable enough to go through it as birthday gift to a mutual friend, not in the sense she's a good person. Even though i had to pretend i'm sorry for being insulted ("I admit i shouldn't have take you too personally. You did things i can't accept, but i probably should've take it better") in order to get to apologize, it's still nice to know she's not a Jill after all. I choose to hope so. Lori, on the other hand, wasn't honorable. Still didn't answer. She accused me in harassment (you know me better than that. You know i'll cut my right hand before harassing someone) , blocked me in any possible media (with the possibl exception of email) and still can't look beyond her own mirror. Good thing there's the common zoom chat of the upcoming degree distribution. She can't block me there. I know she saw all of my messages in mail. She'll see what i have to say. If she'll somehow manage to block me there too, it could be a black comedy moment. Think of two killers that think there's a third killer who wants to kill them, but can't call the cops because they blocked the police in both of their phones. That's how abdurd and black comedy-like it will be if she'll do so. I know Lori is very likely to have a personality disorder, but i still choose to hope she will somehow become a better person and don't pull the shit she pulled on me on other people in the future.

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    • Update 3: Yesterday i started to develop a new theory for 5cream. One of the killers might be related to the victims of part 4, blaming Sidney, Dewey and Gale for not being able to save their loved one who were killed by Jill and Charlie. My best guess for this theory is Jasmin Savoy Brown's character. In this theory, she's the daughter of Anthony Perkins, who disregards the fact Sidney avenged her (Jasmin's) father in favor of hating her both for not saving her father and for being Jill's cousin. It's not my main guess (my main theory is still about Eden Perez/Melissa Barrera as the new final girl Isabel Espinoza/Jenna Ortega as her homicidal half-sister), but the Jasmin Perkins theory starts to sound reasonable enough. The Jasmin Perkins theory is based on the following points:

      • In several points in the franchise, they had plans to writing a female black killer. In "Scream 2". Hallie was supposed to be one of Debbie's soldiers alongside with Derek, until the good people realized it will be too crazy and used the "leacked on the internet" excuse to change it without admitting they were wrong. Season 3 would've make more sense with Live as the killer. In their defence, they did write Jamal as the most obvious ghostface so far. Jasmin could be what Liv was supposed to be, but more tragic.
      • Not everyone can live with the fact their parents are idiots. The whole subtext of Billy killing Maureen before the retcon was a stupid boy who blamed the lover at the sins of the father. Jasmin might blame Sidney in her father's death so she won't have to deal with her father's stupidity. I know the fanbase might eat me alive for saying it, but Jasmin's motive makes better sense than Billy's.
      • Most killers were obvious to an extent, but they were meant to be mysterious before the reveal, even if they were obvious on purpose for eliminating suspecions. Jasmin can be the most surprising option. Randy also mentioned that a black girl as a killer is against the rules, but not completely. It could be a reference to Randy, which will be a nice meta joke.
      • Since her father was a cop, it's very likely that she knew her way with firearms to an extent. It makes her even more similar to Liv, whose father was also a cop.
      • Jasmin working with Isabel (the drug dealer half-sister)/Jack (Troy James' lost son) is faithful to the tradition of killers with conflicting motives who are also dangerous to each other. The question of this point is whether she's more likely to work with Isabel, or more likely to work with Jack.
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    • I will read all properly and answer later. Yeah, I agree, plus vengenful Cotton who killed Mrs. Loomis but then killed Gale (who defended him in first movie) and then moved to kill Sidney. Thanks god it was changed.

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    • Update: Just created Haley Meyers' page on the villains wiki. Feel free to contribute.

      Haley Meyers - Villains Wiki - villains, bad guys, comic books, anime (

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    • Hayley didn't know Kieran was killed. Writers confirmed it. She was merely enjoying the Lakewood Six being harrassed.

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    • Fixed it. I still think it would make sense if she knew, even if her canon version didn't. I also think she would've looked the other way even if she knew.

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    • I think that even though events on 2x01, Haley hated Emma far more that Audrey. I don't know why but it seems so.

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    • She hated Emma because her sister is a killer. That's also the premise of the Jasmine Perkins theory. Audrey is slightly better in Haley's eyes because she had a more active role in killing Piper.

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